Super, Blood, Lunar eclipse : Celebrating Khenty-irty

Khenty-Irty. Illustration is mine. Last night was the super blood lunar eclipse. This sort of event does not come often. It caught me by surprise since I was only planning a small full moon candle prayer. For those that caught me last new moon, I found that Khenty-en-irty appreciated the recognition on the moons. I … More Super, Blood, Lunar eclipse : Celebrating Khenty-irty

Procession of Meret

While there is not a lot of information out there on Meret, or the twin Merti, I gathered what I could and gave a little tribute. Today was the Procession of Meret. Meret is goddess of praise and singing, and all around a pretty happy goddess (or pair of goddesses.). However they are also companions of … More Procession of Meret

Feast of Khnum

Today was a Feast of Khnum. This same day I volunteered to lead the local CUUPS Mabon sabbat ritual. In the spirit of sharing I decided that this year our thanksgiving sabbat would be merged with a Khnum celebration! The weather was so beautiful that we even had it outside. With table set with food, … More Feast of Khnum

When Minds Wander

Tonight was a New Moon. The time when Khenty-en-irty is active. The blind hawk. This moon is the first in which I have begun to apply my personal research to my practice. In a last minute move I volunteered to head the New Moon ritual tonight for my local CUUPS gathering. I was not sure … More When Minds Wander