Journey to Tefnut in the Nun

About a week ago I was sitting in shrine, doing my morning prayers. Then I recalled that someone had been wanting to connect with me. I relaxed and took the time to close my eyes and meditate. In the new age shamanic circles you would call this ‘journeying.’ I have been doing it for years, before anyone told me what it was called. This was the first time I was doing it after Wep Ronpet. The first journey of the year. I was not disappointed. Since it relates to the Eye, I thought it would be appropriate to share.

When I first meditated, relaxed and began to let the imagery come there was only blackness. Like a white out but black. After a moment of this a light was turned from off to dim. Before me was a stone throne. It was simple, square like design with a high back. And on the throne was a lion-headed goddess. She was laying back in the throne almost slouching. She had a graceful hand up to her face, two fingers barely touching her mouth. I recognized it as a gesture I usually do when I listen or am contemplating. It was as if a spotlight was on her and only her. She was Tefnut. The light spread slowly. I found myself on a long stone path with Tefnut’s throne the end. The throne sat on a circular stone plateau, with many paths like mine connected to it on all sides. All roads seemed to lead to her. Yet the most intimidating thing was what surrounded us. Below the paths and plateau was black, turning water. It reminded me of the sea on a moonless night. It was living water, but there was no color from it. I knew it and tried my best not to pay attention to it.

Tefnut stood up and walked to me. We chatted, none of which I remember. Read that as ‘none of that she wants me to be able to share.’ Her walking beside me, down my own path was a comforting scene. After a moment she touched my shoulder, gave me a wry lion smile, and I was sent away. Apparently I was not able to leave on my own accord because my favorite guide and guardian came. He picked me up and carried me back to the more picturesque view of my regular journey space. Sobek-Ra is my companion in those places. He has pulled me out of the deep-end. I was happy to have him with me as I came out of journey.


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