The List of Shu : Potential Male Eyes?

After a day of hunting down names and connections I have come to a conclusion. The Eye gods, all gods for that matter, are confusing. The male Eyes are not as well known as the female Eyes. They are quieter and maybe they like to avoid the attention. So I had to start somewhere. Looking over old threads was out. It seems only one or two names were said to be male eyes. The net soon got too confusing, as no one knew the male eyes existed. Then I found a quote from LAGG translations.

“[Shu] together with Tefntu, they are the two eyes of Heru.”

But which Heru? And aren’t all eye gods Eyes of Ra? Well yes and no. Atum, the creator and father of all things, is Ra. Atum is also Wesir. Ra was tricked out of his power (by Aset) and that power was given to Heru-sa-Aset. All of Heru’s Eyes are also Eyes of Ra. So once an Eye, always an Eye.
The big point here being that if Tefnut is an eye, so is Shu. The common thought is that all Eye goddesses can be traced back to an original Eye goddess, which is thought to be Tefnut. Tefnut is The Eye. And she is only one. Shu is another eye. So if we follow the Tefnut tactic, following Shu’s connections, we may be able to find potential male Eye gods.

I found a lot of interesting and intriguing connections. But how far should they be traced? For my own personal sanity I decided to make a system of tiers. Tier 1 being those gods that are Shu. That are directly him, either in title, name, of ritual scene. The Tier 2 gods are directly connected to the Tier 1 gods. Tier 3 related to Tier 2. I decided that three tiers were enough of a headache to keep straight.

The List of Shu : potential male Eyes

Tier 1 – Are Shu is title, name, depicted in ritual scene

  • Khnum
  • Khnum-Ra
  • Heru-wer
  • Yinepu
  • Sobek
  • Amun
  • Ruty
  • Heka

Tier 2 – Connected directly to Tier 1

  • Wesir
  • Amun-Ra
  • Ptah-Tatenen
  • Tatenen
  • Ptah
  • Min
  • Montu
  • Montu-Ra
  • Khonsu
  • Khepera
  • Geb
  • Khenty-Amenty
  • Ma’ahes
  • Behdety
  • Sobek-Ra
  • Heru-sa-Aset
  • Ra
  • Wepwawet

Tier 3 – connected to Tier 2 gods

  • Djehuty
  • Ra-Heruakhety
  • Ihy
  • Sopdu
  • Heruakhety
  • Heryshef
  • Sokar
  • Heru-Hekenu
  • Shemanefer
  • Wepwawet

“The eye of Heru is referred as a fragranceĀ of Nefertem.”
This last quote has me the most confused. Who really knows.

So that is the list, the tiers of potential male eyes. It get quite long and could probably go on forever. I do know that Ma’ahes and Montu are both considered Eyes in popular thought. Placing Tier 2 as the possible cut off point. I may never get full confirmation on the list, but I have it. And I have gotten to know my personal gods in a way that is 100% new. So some things accomplished. Now to rest my poor brain.


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