Complete Unverified Opinions

There is a lot of mesh between the female Eye goddesses. They are fluid, moving in and out of their forms as if liquid was poured from one glass to another. It is why their research can be so confusing and brain bending. However they cycle through only a set number of names. They always circle back into those, not over reaching into others. It is the same for the potential male Eye gods. Once I began drawing out the connections you can tell they only cycle through a certain number of names before twining back.

Below is 100% my own opinions.
After I wrote out the tiers and listings I felt less driven to research. It seems that I get a bit of a respite. I was inspired to divine a few things. Some personal, some not. Through the divination I found that the Tier 1 gods are (read, are closest to being) eyes. These are Khnum, Khnum-Ra, Sobek, Yinepu, Heru-wer, and Amun. As they are directly connected to Shu.
The Tier 2 gods are hit or miss. There are a couple and there are not. More research is required and probably more divination. Its one big adventure. But it is most fun.

There are some holidays coming up for these Eye gods that I hope to celebrate with them. Maybe do some more research in their honor. Happy hunting.


5 thoughts on “Complete Unverified Opinions

  1. Wah, it’s nice to see someone deeply contemplating the Eyes! When I was a Kemetic the Eyes were my love and life (although I focused on the goddesses, not gods, save for a brief stint with Shu and Maahes). In fact, I still often read about the Eyes in my spare time. I can tell we have very different views on the Eyes, but it’s so exciting to see someone paying them attention and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject.

    I never thought about using divination to delve more deeply into the subject. I’ve always gone the historical study + UPG route. Have you tapped Maahes and Nefertum? Or Wadjet? She’s great because she has overtones of Bast and Renenutet. And don’t forget about Maat and the Wedjat! ^_^

    I love that graphic on your sidebar, too. Did you make it?


    1. I have touched on all those gods. Nefertem is my beloved in particular so I work with him often.
      I used pre-existing graphics and pulled them together with my own colors for the graphic.


    2. Also, as far as I have found there is no connection to Nefertem being an eye. He is more connected to Atum.
      If you have any articles on this I would love to look them over.


      1. It’s a Greco-Roman thing, now that I think about it. I’m not sure when Nefertum could be depicted with the head of a lion, but I would assume that’s when the idea came about.

        I’ve read way too many Egyptology books to say which one has the exact info, but my bet is on Wilkinson’s Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt or one of Pinch’s mythology books.

        I used to work with materials that weren’t pharaonic. I’d go all the way up to the forced Coptic conversion. I forget that not everybody likes to do that. 🙂 So if you only want pharaonic stuff, this isn’t relevant to your practice.

        Nefertum is definitely related to Atum, though. There’s no ignoring that newborn sun aspect.


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