When you work for the Eyes

When you go to work for the Eyes the Eyes go to work for you.

Personal experiences below…

After a restless night’s sleep last night I felt that part of my dream needed to be remembered. I even told myself in my dream that it was important so I hope I remember. But after that, I got up and did prayers. Morning prayers are important to me and always leave me feeling like my day will be productive. So I sat in shrine after all the ritual part and just did a light meditation. I thought about the stresses that could have effected my sleep. I was pretty sure it was more about the caffeine I had to late, but other mental junk came up too.

My cat has been bratty about using his litter box for poo. My job is very hard on my body, lifting, and I have wanted a more ideal job lately. My ingrained fear of needles turned, full-blown phobia, had me passing out at the doctor’s after a finger stick. Then my recent impulsive spending has started to worry me. All these things I thought over. Then I have a mental thought. In my mind I bundled each stress up into a shape. Mostly scribbly, wavy, brown lines that took the shape of various things. And in my mind I set them down. To my surprise, right after I set down my large bundle of cat stress, a familiar cat-headed goddess snatched it up. She held the cat bundle to her and said, “Don’t worry. I can take this one.”

One by one each bundle was taken up. Each one an eye. Bast took my cat issues with glee. Heru-wer took my job worries, polishing it up like a fancy gem. Sobek-Ra took my phobia. Sekhmet took my spending issues. Each of these Eyes decided to take on a little of my stress. Then I hear in the very back of my skull, “When you work for the Eyes, the Eyes work for you.”


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