Enormity and Contemplation

Today is a time of contemplation.
After spending time talking with a friend yesterday on some history about Hethert and Heru-wer, I was left with a lot to think about. Mostly about how huge the gods are. How enormous and unfathomable they are. As best I could with my human mind. But the pictures painted in my head are slowly forming. There is a lot to learn about the artists.

I have always enjoyed a good riddle or puzzle. Problem solving is one of the most creative processes and I do like to stretch into new forms of creativity. How huge, how wide, how old? I may never know but my mind is still wrapping around the idea of gods as old as humanity. We talk about time before us, before religion, before civilization but it takes a force of imagination to be able to hold that thought. I get depressed thinking about how old I am or how many years ago was middle school. To hold the thought of a single god or image that can span back so many years. A god or symbol that reaches past all civilization, but to the far reaches of human history. Back to a place where there was only the barest of understandings. Or maybe the most connected and insightful thoughts. It is a little hard to hold in your mind.

Which is why I am trying to sit in my life raft, letting the cosmic waters move me about. Until I hit some kind of shore.


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