Meditating on Shu

“Since the male can be diminished but the female only grows…”

Not too long ago I wrote about the potential male Eyes. The theory being that since all female Eyes can be linked or traced back to Tefnut, that we can do the same with Shu. Taking the theory we can turn it upside down to try to find directly connected or closely connected gods to Shu, making them possible Eye gods.

Well after I posted I was able to talk to a friend who is much more studied than I. She explained that the Heru “whose eyes are sun and moon” is a type of Heru-wer. That Tefnut is the sun and Shu is the moon, “since the male can be diminished but the female only grows.”

While I will not pretend to understand this concept, it does give you a lot to think about. So today I wanted to think about Shu. He is most often mentioned with Nut and Geb. As the one who holds them apart. The air that separates sky and earth. He is also the moon who is caught in the cycles of change. Like Tefnut, he is also a cosmic pre-creation god. He exists on a level that is not entirely knowable. He is directly Sobek, Khnum, Khnum-Ra, Heru-wer, and Yinepu. And indirectly almost every other god.

Shu is an Eye. One I would like to get to know as well as I can. I have experienced Tefnut and now it is his turn. I have seen a glimpse of him through my encounters with Heru-wer. There is a lot more for me to learn about him though. Hopefully it is not too taxing on my fragile human mind. I think it will be just fine. Happy hunting.


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