Khenty-en-Irty : New Moon

I am sitting alone in my home thinking about the afternoon ahead. So far I have had a frustrating morning that has forced me to slow down and cool my jets. Now I am sitting at home with a few hours to spare before I go to a job interview. This year will hold a lot of changes for me, but I know it will be a good year.

So here I am sitting at my computer and I begin to think of the Eye. The Eye of this time is Kenty-en-irty. Whose eyes literally are Shu and Tefnut. And who is blind on the night of the New Moon. Which is tonight. Yesterday was the beginning of Opet as well. I am pondering how to celebrate this blind god at this time, when the moon will not be seen. And I think about the diminished Shu, who is the moon, hidden from sight. I hope to celebrate Khenty-en-irty somehow on one of these moonless nights and somehow honor him.
With the little I could find on him he is said to be a warrior and judge. A judge in the sense of the law. Makes me wonder if ‘justice is blind’ could have come from him. Or maybe inspired by him. While I do not have any lawsuits or legal needs at this time, I want to try and honor this obscure god in some way. Hopefully it will make him happy.
Happy crafting!


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