When Minds Wander

Tonight was a New Moon. The time when Khenty-en-irty is active. The blind hawk. This moon is the first in which I have begun to apply my personal research to my practice. In a last minute move I volunteered to head the New Moon ritual tonight for my local CUUPS gathering. I was not sure what to focus on but I knew through reading a few of the gods I felt would lend to this. I chose to focus my ritual on Sokar. He was on my potential Eye list, but for some reason a new moon just seemed right for him. Everyone really liked the ritual which included giving offerings, reading a litany, and lighting candles for him. Afterwards a few people commented how they really enjoyed it and really like learning about the more obscure gods. So it was a good night for Sokar.

Most of my week though focused around Shu. Reflecting on him and studying him. Through some journeying and research I have found that Shu serves a pretty important function in a few ways. He represents space, the literal layers between heaven and earth. He holds that space for all of creation, whether he wants to or not. It is a pretty tough job. His other job is finding and returning his wife to their father. This role is vital. As Shu represents space, Tefnut represents time (in really symbolic and abstract points). The Moon, Shu, must help return the Sun, Tefnut, so that the cycles of time and seasons remain consistent. The moon can and will change, diminish, and reduce but the sun must never do this. In the same way you can easily lose and regain space, but you can never lose or gain time. Time just keeps going, whether you like it or not.

And these were my thoughts this week. I also thought about how this concept may have leaked into modern religions. Especially in the modern pagan seasonal sabbat mythos. The god that is born, ages, and decays. The goddess that ages, gives birth, ripens, and chooses to transform. Amazing where our minds can wander.


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