Khenty-en-irty: Candle light

Monday evening was a moonless night. Only the stars were out and I had the evening to myself. I sat out on the porch, lit incense, and lit the glass encased pillar candle I had bought at the grocery. There was nothing fancy or special I pulled together. I used a permanent marker to draw and color a falcon on the glass of the candle. I then wrote part of a general prayer to general Heru. And that is where I was. Sitting in the dark night, shortly after sunset, holding the pillar candle and reflecting.

I am still not sure what I was expecting. Some huge ‘ah-ha’ or a big presence from above. Instead I felt a soft, appreciation in my heart. An appreciation for all things. The stars above me, the crickets in my yard chirping, and much more. It wasn’t a booming voice from overhead, it was much more subtle. When I connected to Khenty-en-irty it was as if I had brought a bottle of cheap wine to the doorstep of a nationally known winery. My efforts were recognized, but not needed. Instead the act of doing it was appreciated and for me to think of him was the important part of this. After I was done meditating I blew out the candle and came to realize that blowing out the candle was just as important as lighting it for him. Especially since he moves form blind to seeing.

So that was it. I didn’t use up the candle and had the impression that I should light it on the new and full moons for him. It would be very much appreciated.


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