Netjeri: wandering thoughts and events

It is strange to have a reprieve from the intense ‘must find’ hunt that the gods send you on. Not that I am complaining. This is a time I need to take advantage of. There are projects to do, work to be done, and personal connections and relationships to maintain. Makes me feel validated that when these ‘hunting times’ come about it is not from my own imagination. So today I was able to be productive at my job.

I spent most of the day texting back and forth with a kemetic friend and a witch friend. These conversations help to inspire my own heka. The topic of netjeri came about and I was able to spend a lot of time talking about them. I love working with spirits, with my own list of animal allies. Yet I have few experiences with netjeri which are spirits that serve Netjer. We would know them in ancient texts as the ‘daemons of  _______.’ There are so many types and all of them hold allegiance to a name of netjer. Hopefully I can begin to work with them more often.

There are already a few netjeri that inhabit two crystals in my home. Both daemons of Sekhmet. In fact a third may be lingering. But I always welcome the fellow servants of the gods, even if they are not of fleshy appearance. A friend creates heka to house netjeri in necklaces and I was fortunate to get one at Wep Ronpet. My little friend has helped me with shielding and protecting my form of empathy. Which has been difficult lately. Currently my friend is heka-ing three other pieces for me for varying focus, each of which will house a netjeri. I am very excited and I think the netjeri are too.


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