Anointing with the Living Uraeus

Last night a student texted and said she thought she was having ghost problems. Not unusual for this person, but no less scary. They asked for my help and I arranged to meet them at their place that evening. While I waited to go over I looked up prayers and trying to find appropriate heka. I was able to find a relatively relevant prayer to Wadjet that worked pretty well. Using anointing oil I anointed the person’s head. Using water purified them and their space. Hoping that this student stays out of trouble and away from the spirit nasties. I thought this may be a nice prayer to share.

“The goddess Wadjet comes to you in the form of the living Uraaeus to anoint your head with their flames. She rises up on the left side of your head and she shines from the right side of your temples without speech. They rise up on your head during each and every hour of the day even as they do for their father Ra, and through them the terror which you inspire in the holy spirits is increased. They never leave you, awe of you strikes into the souls which are made perfect.”

The Gods of the Egyptians: Volume 1, pp. 443-444


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