Procession of Meret

While there is not a lot of information out there on Meret, or the twin Merti, I gathered what I could and gave a little tribute. Today was the Procession of Meret. Meret is goddess of praise and singing, and all around a pretty happy goddess (or pair of goddesses.). However they are also companions of Ra, seen as the two cobra on either side of the sun disc.This means that she can also have a fierce side. She is an Eye after all.

In my hope to try and celebrate more gods and more holidays I took a minute to think on Meret. To say pieces of prayers to her to honor her on her holiday. While I couldn’t give much it was still nice to try to do something. Tomorrow during senut I want to meditate on Meret a bit more.

The utterances of Meret which stir your heart from the outside, gladden you.”
-Tomb of Nefersekheru: Harper’s song

IMG_0542 IMG_0543


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