Super, Blood, Lunar eclipse : Celebrating Khenty-irty

Cosmic Falcon

Khenty-Irty. Illustration is mine.

Last night was the super blood lunar eclipse. This sort of event does not come often. It caught me by surprise since I was only planning a small full moon candle prayer. For those that caught me last new moon, I found that Khenty-en-irty appreciated the recognition on the moons. I made a commitment to myself to try and do something for him each moon. So this rare event slipped right under my nose. But I was fortunate to have the evening off and alone to spend getting something together.

In the end I prepared offerings, candles, lots of incense and wrote a prayer for him in both his forms. That was how my moon went. I sat outside for three hours watching the moon change colors, grow dark, and re-emerge whole. At each phase I said my prayer, whenever a new change was happening. When it began, when it was all red, when it got very dark, when it was red again, when the silver was returning, and when it was whole. When it was the darkest I blew out the candle that I am using as my Khenty-irty candle. Since the act of being in the dark is as important as the act of sitting in the light.

I was also let known that during the eclipse would be a good time for divination. I was able to use some new cards to divine and fine tune some things. It was tough to stay up since I worked all afternoon. By 12:12 I was toast. I waited as long as I could before saying my final prayer and going in. I slept well and was able to catch back up on sleep.

Below are some pictures and the prayer I wrote for Khenty-irty, Khenty-en-irty, if anyone is interested in taking up the tradition.
I also offered milk, honey, and coco puffs. The last being the only ‘black’ food item I could find. The cake was an offering and tasty.

IMG_0567 IMG_0566 IMG_0569


“Welcome into the heavens, Great sky falcon,
Where the doors of the sky are opened for you.
The stars of heaven shine for you, Khenty-irty,
The moon is your eye and the sky is your domain.
The stars of heaven shine for you, Kenty-en-irty,
The moonless night makes you blind and the sky is known to you.
May the white gifts be given in your name, Khenty-irty.
May the black gifts be given in your name, Khenty-en-irty.
Be welcomed into the heavens, great sky falcon. “


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