Swiftly Changing Seasons

My life, for as long as I have been on this particular path, has been a series of cycles. At one time my spiritual vision is flooded with my gods. Then it shifts over the course of a day to focus on the Shinto kami. Then in just a temperature drop the angels and archangels are lightly sprinkled over my week. Sometimes I forget that these bonds do not fade away overnight. In the span of eternity the few months I neglect the angels, or downplay my work with the kami or the gods, is nothing in comparison to the work I will do with them in a life time. Or in eternity.

A friend told me that the Eye of Ra, Iryt Ra, can also be translated as the ‘Doer of Ra.’ The action of Ra’s will. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not, and sometimes it is still. But that is also what is willed and needed. I have never been able to handle boredom well. Yet it seems the sprinkling of angelic energies is calling to me free time like the fall air and the color of the leaves. As the cold comes, the dark comes, and the time for reflection drops. Now is October and a time of dormancy as we wait for the spring.


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