Not Far Removed : Meditation on the Animal Spirit-Gods

Burn out can be a problem for anyone who works, lives, and breathes anything. Once in a long while I tend to feel the simmer of burnt out and it takes me a cool down period to regain what I had burnt away. In many cases this is my compassion or empathy for others. I find that I can only give so much of this before I have expended all my energy. Its a natural cycle and it should clear up soon.

In the mean time, while I await this refresher, I think on the oldest gods. I think about the hugely old and vague gods that were not quite gods yet. The animal spirits of animism and shamanism. Who at some point became or just were combined with the animistic spirit-gods of the sky, sun, and moon. Animism and shamanism were the first recorded spiritual practices of humans. Egyptian gods and religion was recorded as coming thousands of years later. But in the chart I have been meditating on, it was not too far removed from the shamanic and animistic spirituality.

My personal history with the great animal spirits, angels, gods, and more may color my lens negatively. But my background in the animistic outlook may also be helping me to hold the concept of the great animal spirit-gods in my mind. The idea that these huge conceptual animal-animistic-spirit-gods would or could eventually move into a more structured system of religion like the cow cults and Egyptian religion is amazing.

I am not a scholar, but I like to think and imagine. I try not to base facts on what I stumble upon on the internet. So I meditate on the ideas, instead of taking them at face value. I just am not equip with that kind of scientific training. So the link to the chart I found is below. For others who like to meditate.

Evolution of Religion Chart


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