Reflections: The Immense Animistic Spirit-Gods

As humans we can become distracted by the motions of our day to day lives. We wrap ourselves up in the everyday run of family, work, and life. We can forget the steps we have taken to get to where we are. As people and as a species. Because to be able to survive in the world of human beings you need certain materials which can only be gained by being part of society. As little or as much as you can take being part of your particular society.

A while ago I decided to meditate and think on the gods, mostly the Eyes. Many other people who have been in the kemetic faith longer than myself are already chewing on the manifestation of deities. How they manifest to us. How culture plays a role in this manifestation. How our personal identities contribute to this manifestation. And how those experiences align with the experiences of others. Very knowledgeable people are thinking on these things, which made me take an instinctual U-turn. If that closeness is already being mulled over why would I muddle into it? So in place of looking for the god-human connection I backtracked. I want to find where the god-world connection began. Where in time and space and form did the first ‘gods’ really root and form into the mind’s of our species?

I have already written about this a little previously. Having aired some of my thoughts on the great animal spirit-gods. Now I am thinking over the less human aspects of these beings. As stated above, we humans tend to get wrapped up in ourselves. We forget that our growth and change as a species was not the only one. The plants and animals changed beside us. The stones and rivers changed with us. All things in the Universe changed alongside us. We forget that the great spirit-gods are not just our gods. They are the gods of all things. But because we are human, mortal, and limited we can only understand them in our limited lens. All the experiences we take in can only be understood from the very simple, ego-driven stance of human personality. Which means that when you think your dog feels bad for pooing in the house, its you that is projecting that into your dog. Who is probably just being submissive due to your sudden outburst of aggression.

Our gods seem human because we can not fathom them being anything other that human. Not to say that they always look human, which they don’t. It is more like we ascribe them human traits. One god is ‘kind’ while another is ‘violent’. These are human descriptors, not god ones.

Painting the picture back in the time of our great spirit-gods we have a father-chief figure in a family of people. His family is starving so for the first time they take water and pour it on the earth. A natural thought, as rain when it falls miraculously produces plants. So the father-chief ‘gives’ this water to the earth for the first time and calls that the earth give his family food. Maybe more ceremony is needed, maybe instead of water they give blood. Or maybe everything gets turned on its head and they give something to an animal skull so the animal will surrender its kin for them. These all serve similar purpose. But in that moment the spirit-god is viewed as receptive. It is distant but listening. The giving of an offering begins the game. Bribing a spirit-god to bring it close to you so that it will listen to you. Depending on how the hunt goes, or the planting, or the gathering, will shape the reputation of the god. If the Deer God did not answer your prayers after you gave it offerings it must not have been pleased enough. Or you offered incorrectly. Or any number of things. Whatever successes or failures happen shapes that god-spirit.

From the old spirit-god outlook, these tiny little beings are trying to get you to help them. They are so small. A mere cell in the body of the world. But there are enough of them now to begin to cause a rash as they take up ceremony and prayer. You apply the balms, the medicines, and hope the cells return to their natural state of working within the world. Over time these beings seem to pull themselves apart from the rest of the world. An illusion of course, but one they hold to themselves. From this very large perspective, how could a god-spirit hope to connect with us? Perhaps in a similar way we try to connect with our own bodies? Many people have taken up meditation. There is a technique of using imagery to relax parts of your body or control your breathing. You imagine those body parts in calming states, such as surrounded in water or light. You are not telling your body to be calm with words, you are sending words, feelings, sensations, memories, and images to your body to gain the state of relaxation. Similarly we, very gently, receive from the gods what they want of us.

The main portion of this post was to point out that our great spirit-gods are not in their core human. They never were and never can be. The personalities we give them are from us, not necessarily from them. It is another way that they can connect with us and send us the information we need. I have heard the the ‘older’ a god is the less human is seems. As I look back as the great animistic spirit-gods I begin to think that none of these gods hold a ‘human’ outlook. They are so immense that they just would not be able to squish down into the human expectation. Which is why we have the multiple forms of the Eyes and the gods we have today. Like filtering dirty water to make it drinkable, it takes multiple processes. But these are just meditations and thoughts as I chew on the old gods and the great animistic spirits that eventually branch into the kemetic gods.

In short:

  • The gods are not human
  • The gods are not ‘our gods.’
  • The huge animistic spirits are too huge for us to really understand
  • We are small, tiny things. Not the only things.

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