Looking Up

With the change of season fully underway things are looking and feeling better. Not only have I had an autumn cold but also a swing of mild depression. I understand the weight that word can have and do not like to use to haphazardly. But things are feeling a lot better now. So my work for and with the Eyes will be returning. I always find the gods and beings I work with to be very patient with me. I treasure them even more for this.

What I am hoping to do is work on my cleansing bath heka I have been toying with. Then try to work out what my healing work will be focused on. The need to help and heal has been with me for many years. Just recently I have been feeling the itch to focus this energy somewhere. I have been volunteering with a free Reiki clinic so that has felt pretty good. Yet there just seems to be more I need to find in this area. I am sure it will come sooner or later.

Another project I want to begin is connecting more with the large, cosmic animistic god-spirits that I have been meditating on. Journeying to connect with them and learn what I can. I am hesitant because of how big they are, how inhuman they could potentially be. But its a very animistic outlook that these gods first encountered with us, which for some reason puts me more at ease.

I also want to work on the Netjer Colouring Book soon. All deities are draw for a first book but I need a good scanner. Then there are a handful of commissions I need to get to before December. Hopefully things go well.

On a weird note: I was attending a round table discussion on Skype recently with a decently known spiritual medium. From the start she was channeling spirits. Spirits that I know very well. At some point I began to feel a very real distaste building in my gut. Maybe it was part human ego-reaction, maybe it was some sort of bs detection. But for the rest of the discussion I just could not shake this feeling. Which now I just can’t enjoy the talks anymore, with this strange sense going haywire.


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