Interconnection : Full Circle

I have spent quite a lot of time chewing on the big, huge deities that became our kemetic gods. Thinking and meditating on them helped me to sort out some thoughts. Ideas spread and somehow it all circled back to my own life. After looking over that evolution of religion chart and looking at the estimated dates it really hit me just how old our spiritual paths are. And by comparison just how new other paths are. And all of these thoughts returned and circled to show how interconnected all of my personal paths are.

For starters, I have considered myself a shamanic practitioner for awhile. It was the first path that really made me feel close to the truth of my path. While Wicca was the first alternative religion I studied, it was shamanism that caught my attention. Shaman is a loaded word and is frowned upon by some cultures, so I use it here to mean one called by the spirits to act for and with them. Shamans go through some pretty intense initiations. Some of which they have no control or choice of. I only recently learned that I had gone through such an experience indirectly before I was born. And again shortly after. So I do feel I have been called by the spirits. But that is another story for another time.

How this relates to what I have been thinking is this : shamanism and animism were the first spirituality. From there all religions evolved. In trying to meditate on the pre-creation egyptian deities and the origins of the gods, I somehow found myself back in the mindset of shamanism. Because the evolution of humanity brought about a change in the ability to understand, comprehend, and co-create spirituality. While the hawk and the cow have been with us for all time, in animistic forms, as we began to change they also changed. As humanity matured and aged the animistic-god-spirits came with us. They formed into the next step of the evolution and took on the form of deities.

That is pretty much all I had been thinking on. But then I thought about what it meant to be both a shaman and a kemteic practitioner. Could you hold both of those inside of yourself? Then there are all the other practices one might have. Can we hold all of those different things in our hearts at once? When doing spells or heka or divination, how would we choose one over the other? Now this is what I get to meditate on. Being able to hold a kemetic, shinto, shamanic practice inside of myself. Figuring out how they are all linked and all interconnected.


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