An Update and some Travel

While I recoup and try to work out some purification heka, I find myself edging closer to the shamanic. I know I posted my thoughts and ideas on shamanistic origins of Netjer so its really no surprise that it is taking a stronger point in my personal practice. I also worship a Japanese kami, honoring them as an equal force in my life to Netjer. I serve Netjer first and foremost and the kami seems to understand that with all respect to Netjer. What I find most interesting is that these two spiritualities are very similar. And both are only a few steps removed from the animism-shamanism that was the foundation of all religion. Shinto is still known as a shamanistic indigenous faith.

So while I continue to look at the shamanic paths that built up into Netjer, I will be pretty active. I will be visiting my kemetic sister Saryt for a few days during the Soaring Falcon holiday coming up. I am so excited! We are hoping to celebrate our falcon gods as well. Maybe I can get some pictures. For now I am delving into the Primitive Mythology book by Joseph Campbell.


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