So it all begins again [update on personal practice]

There is quite a lot going on here in the Midwest right now. The season just does not stand still. It gets colder each day and less light to help keep us warm. The cold part of the year is usually so quiet for me spiritually. A time to reflect and think. Not currently. Spirit keep throwing me curve balls.

I serve Sekhmet in all her glory but I am beginning to see how different my impressions and experiences are with her. The Sekhmet that I get is different than my kemetic siblings. Less war and more love. Its strange but it seems to work just fine. Next month House of Netjer will be celebrating Power Week, a celebration of Sekhmet! I am very excited for this. I am planning on helping out with various chats and I need to get that writing together. I even have the idea for new heka!

On the other side of this spirit activity, I have a new helper. Cat has decided that now is a great time to begin my work on finding helpers that can be asked to work with me on behalf of others. Cat always gets his way. So I get to be emersed in spirit activity. Remember when I posted that looking in on the animistic-spirit gods brought me full circle to my own private practice? Yeah. And it also seems to have triggered a revival of said practices. Let’s not burn out.

So it all begins again..


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