Just Be you : personal update

“You can just be you.”


It is hard to be just one thing. But when that one thing is all encompassing I suppose it is not a tall order. To walk a path that has so many colors and forms by simply living it. Still not sure how but I will know it when I see it. For now I get to walk a kemetic, shinto, and shamanic path strung together with harmony. Hopefully.

My Shinto kami I honor has asked for a particular task and I have found a way to learn it. I think they are trying to teach me some of their own magic. I always love to learn and I have some items ordered to aid in that.

Sekhmet is a constant source of comfort though. She knows herself. And she is trying to teach me how to know myself too. How to walk in harmony and how to simply be me. And that is my life right now. Just being me.


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