Getting caught up

This past week has been great. Honoring Sekhmet and her many faces has been a wonderful experience. The Eyes were talked about quite a bit as well. Currently I am exploring Sekhmet – Weret Hekau. It is interesting to see Sekhmet in so many different ways.

This week has also been very hard. My family has had to put down one family cat and on the other side of the family my mother had to give up her doggy companion of 4 years. It has been a pretty heart breaking time for them. But I try to give good thoughts when I think of them and ask Bast to look after them. Yes, the dog too.


So here we are, coming towards the darkest time of the year. Due to purity I can’t do any kemetic ceremony. My thoughts turn to the shamanic again. The spirits and the new path they are encouraging me to take. New responsibilities and relationships to create. Hopefully all of it will make sense by the new year.


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