A Lesson from Khnum-Ra

Over the last few months I have been getting to know Khnum, more specifically Khnum-Ra, through his craft. Mostly I have been taking clay classes and creating. I find that doing this type of art makes me feel close to him. In the process a few Khnum themed pieces came into creation. Unfortunately the pretty ram-sheep I had worked so hard on was handled badly, breaking off the base and breaking a horn. Of course I was upset about it. Then I found a lesson in the clay.

The last class I had a decent amount of clay left so I made some larger pieces and left them out to dry. I returned days later to find the large bowl I had make cracked on two sides. I patched it up and tried to think of what to do with it. The cracks were still there and I just hoped it would get through the bisque firing ok. Suddenly a thought ran in my head. Taking a tool I carved out a phrase in the bottom surface of my bowl.

“Even a cracked bowl can still hold beauty.”

With the edges smoothed and the letters carved I set out the bowl to fire. Then I sat to start working on my to-be-glazed pieces. I sat and looked at my poor ram with his broken horn. I glazed the horn pieces and tried to stick then together but no good. But then I remembered what I had just written on the cracked bowl. Even if something or someone goes through a ‘ruining’ experience, they can still hold a bit of light and beauty in themselves.

So I glazed my poor ram without his horn. He sits in my shrine as a reminder of the lesson Khnum-Ra helped me to learn. I hope next session in class I can try to make another piece for him and maybe learn something new.


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