Longest Night of the Year

The longest night of the year was yesterday. And I didn’t really notice.
That is not really surprising. For many of my fellow Kemetics and pagans Yule is a important holiday. It represents something for everyone that can be very personal. While for me it meant sitting in a theater with my husband watching the newest Star Wars. A noble pursuit in itself, but not openly spiritual. This time of year has always been a hassle for me, crazy travel and complicated work schedule.

I also was born around this time. The 26th to be specific. Not the best time but no complaints either. I have always felt a deep connection to winter and it was even my maiden name. In a way I feel as if I live with winter and its season in my heart. Everyone has this experience with different things. However this holiday season seems to have pulled me closer to Sekhmet.

Over the weekend, the fist of the holiday visits, I felt her very close. I know a few people get angry at how most of the pagans or new agers see Sekhmet as a loving, fluffy goddess. But in the last week she has been this way. Expressing her love and joy. Maybe someone spiked her eggnog (I hear she is a happy drunk). So it is not too much of a stretch to think a goddess who is notorious for getting drunk would have the same reaction as some people. Spewing out the slurred, “I love you  man! And I love you lady in that very long white get up!”

And that is how my longest nights are shaping up. Dealing with family, husband, and a happy Sekhmet.


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