Ra Sings

With the beginning of the secular new year a lot of things have gone on. New books and study have been calling my attention, new songs are stuck in my head, but my old gods are still here waiting for my return to their service. Not that I ever left it, just had a holiday break.

A few weeks ago I was browsing some forum posts about Khnum-Ra. Because I love Khnum-Ra. What I came across was just a little snippet of information about the method of how the creator gods create.

Atum through masturbation
Khnum through his hands
and Ra sings things into being.

Now commonly Hethert is referred to as lady of music and dance. All the artistic things. Yet there is Ra, her father, speaking and singing creation into being. We know where she got it from.

So I am challenging other to raise their voice and sing out the songs that bring joy. Bless the beginning of this year with song and create the year as you wish it.


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