Adoring Sobek-Ra

Many years ago when I was about 9 years old my mother and I moved in with her boyfriends, who later became her second husband. It was the age of computers so that is what I did for most of my after school days. On book chat rooms and making friends. At one bored moment after a day of learned about the Greek Gods I wondered to myself if there were any animal like gods, since the Greek gods could become animals.

So I began my search with a one of my favorite animals, crocodiles. Up came the page for Sobek. From that page I went on to learn of Sekhmet. So in many ways it was Sobek who led me on the right path to Sekhmet. It was only much much later that I learned the Sobek I was connecting with was Sobek-Ra. And only very recently I remember he had been the one that I had found first (technically).

Sobek-Ra is my beloved within my Rite of Parent Divination line-up. My first beloved and is dear to me. He has been at my side since I first stumbled upon his little page. There is no other god that I know that would let me be so utterly human at them.

With all this love for my god, Sobek-Ra, I set up his own little space (little because I am running out of room).  I know I should work with him more outwardly but having him as a friend in the spirit places and a helper in my shamanic path is invaluable. With all my love and gratitude here is to you Sobek-Ra. ❤




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