The Snow and the Star

In midwinter it is hard to keep motivated and strong in spirit. Really this kind of lull can hit you at any time but there is something about the bone sucking cold that draws this out in us. But that is also when the simplest and sweetest moments can come.

One night while letting my dog out during some snow I waited in the cold. And I felt stillness in that moment. A stillness that only winter and snow can give you. In that stillness I felt a very familiar feeling. There was something like this that had come over me before. Then I remembered.

Over the summer I had gone to the beach and begged my husband to take me out stargazing one evening. He relented and we ended up out in the near perfect darkness for a little over an hour. The moon was full and to our backs as we gazed out into the blackness where the ocean was supposed to be. And above us were stars. Millions of stars twinkled down at us from all angles. I had never seen so many. You could clearly tell where the horizon was by the lack of stars. We spent a time using our star finder apps to pin point constellations and stars. After a time I sat back and let the stillness of the stars and night wrap around me. The same stillness I would later find in the snow.

It is hard to ignore these moments of simplicity. The sweetest magick can be the most subtle in its tone and presence. We can forget about it so quickly. So I am taking this chance to encourage other people to find those small, simple, and subtle experiences in life that bring you peace. And never forget them.


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