Love of the gods.

Source: Love of the gods.



Today I read a blog post that touched on a very real part of my life. It was about sacred love. A love for the gods. Not the type of romantic love we feel for our partners or the familial love for our kids or parents. This love is deeply linked to some part of our being. The way a cat loves the sun light. Letting ourselves bath in its warmth. My sister, Sobeq, shared a glimpse of her love for her gods. And challenged others to do the same. Well I accept it gladly.

I try not to talk about this penetrating, all encompassing love I feel towards my gods. The vast emotion in myself can be a little scary to not only allow others to see but to view in myself. There is not part of me that is not of my gods. I am the snowflake and they are the cold. Their presence allows and supports my full existence in each and every moment of life. Should they ever recede my reality would melt along with them. But there is also other types of love I have in my life. In this fleeting place I have family and my husband whom I would die for. But they are also snowflakes, built up around me to take the shape of this lifetime. They are not the cold or the light or the winds that move us about into other places or shapes. We are all given the chance to fall into this life by the penetrating power and love of the gods.

Not to say they are perfect, or always formal. But to each person who chooses to look to them, they are always appropriate.






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