Sometimes we find ourselves in a dull, grey place. A state of mind that leaves us calm but disquiet inside of our own heads. I have been living in this state for about a month. With the December rush over, January has been a grey area. But thankfully my grey-state is drawing back until next year (hopefully) leaving a slightly better place for me to think.

I have been thinking, and gushing, over Sekhmet. My first goddess and my parent deity. Over the years she has grown with me. She was at first just a warrior goddess. Then a mother goddess. Now she takes up every space, every molecule of the Universe. The sun, the moon, the water, flowers in my bouquet, and the weeds in my garden. All are part of her and yet not part of her. Its a confusing feeling. And yet sometimes she can be so clear its pierces you and is a little scary. That is Sekhmet too. Like a masterfully crafted and decorated sword. A lady of complexities.



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