The Beauty of Flowers

Crawling out of the winter grey zone is getting easier. Although we are expecting a couple more snow days, the lifting of this mental haze continues. And I can feel the gods contributing their own small messages again.

While chatting with a friend I felt Sekhmet close in my heart. She was near me and listening to my very human mind flip through its thoughts. For years I have been trying to understand her focus for me and her intention for my skills. While sitting here at my computer I closed my eyes just for a second and was met with a beautiful image.

Down at the end of the block an older neighbor of mine has a yard that easily gets overgrown in weeds or grass. Last year I walked my dog down and it was covered in violets. The image Sekhmet placed in my head was of me picking a small wild violet and holding it in my hand. Not an unusual thing for me to do and it was something I did do. But since then I had also bought a book on flowers and flower magick. And the image of that book flipped into my head too.

Excitedly I threw open the book, which was behind my chair in a cabinet. I turned to the violets and read. I had to read through half the page before the words found me that struck me so hard I pulled away from the book in mild shock.

“These flowers have a clear magical mission, which is to multiply the amount of divine beauty in the world. When it comes to humans, they do this through example and by attuning our thoughts and ideas to the frequency of beauty.” – The Magic of Flower by Tess Whitehurst

As a multi-faceted artist, since childhood, the idea of beauty and divine beauty struck me to the core. Years ago I had told my husband that I wanted to seek a career as a spiritual artist. Something I am still working towards today. Now this very clear message was being given to me. Not just for me but for the work I will be placing at Sekhmet’s feet. And I had not even read to that part of the book yet.

There is relief in finally finding the focus in your life, affirming your suspicions and seeing the influences that have always been there. Then comes the question…

“Now how can I use this new found purpose to further both my spiritual and mundane life?”

This task is still in the works. For now I prepare and assist party-loving people in painting as they drink. While I paint for myself the gods to bring joy to my spiritual community. Hopefully the career will show itself more as this purpose and focus is given more attention. All I know is this… my world has always nurtured beauty. Whether it was dark times or light. And nothing has changed.


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