Valentine’s Love

Today is Valentine’s Day.

There is not many good associations with this holiday. Chocolate, flowers, sex, fake love or romance. No one has really taken it seriously it seems since college. But it still can give us a little extra to think about.

This past week for me has been all about devotion. Devotion to my gods, to my path, to my community, and my own self. Working towards becoming the person I really want to be in all of these avenues. Trying to let sink in the newly refined purpose presented to me. All of this is joyous and heavy. There is a lot to take in and mull over.

Then the weekend came. And something occurred. I went to put on my necklaces and iconography to be worn and felt unease. It was not my own feeling. None of my devotional necklaces or spiritual jewelry felt appropriate to wear. I stood in front of the shrine and looked up at the statues there. It suddenly dawned on me and the affirming of that thought spread joy in my gut. This weekend, this holiday, was a time to celebrate devotion to your love. Your partner. Your spouse. The one who committed themselves to live beside you, even if they don’t entirely understand you.

So I am spending this weekend with single minded love and devotion to my husband of (nearly) 4 years. With the blessing and joy of my gods.


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