The Simple Life

It has been a long, strange journey to end up in this place at this moment.

It was hard to grown up constantly moving between two sets of parents who disliked each other. With a much older brother who was emotionally sensitive to the happenings of our broken family. There was a lot of alone time while my brother ran around the neighborhood with his friends. The shuffling of new step parents every few years. I will not pretend it was ideal. Some of those people have traumatized me and some let good marks too. And over time change came and new things were learned.

School, choir, art, pets, and more moved in and out of my life in what now seems like a matter of minutes. Then I found my now husband. A soul-partner in all the ways I could never have imagined but always admired. My hero, my challenger, my nemesis, and a true equal. I have never loved more fiercely or face palmed do terribly than I do with this man.

Now I change my life again. Finding a renewed and much clearer purpose to my life. Being able to contribute to meaningful and rich communities. Alongside all of this, I have a warm house and a sarcastic son-of-a-[censored] husband, who I adore. Here is to a new path and a new door opened.


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