Be more like your brother

A year or so ago I was journeying in meditation and met a Netjeru that would become a big help to me. He came to me as a creamy white lion, full mane and sweet as pie. His influence would spread through my life like spider webs over the next few months and beyond. It would become inspiring and protective, almost like a version of my relationship to Sobek-Ra. As gentle as Yinepu and as bright as Sobek-Ra.

Before I continue let me take a minute to give a bit of backstory. I am the youngest child of my family. My brother is 7 years older than I am and I am the only girl. My parents have been divorced for as long as I remember and every time I got a new stepmother I got new siblings. Always two and always boys. I have had many brothers and many experiences. Not all of these were good. My real brother is strong and sarcastic, with a strong wave of “i know best.” He became a doctor and a conservative. While here I am over here as a moderate and an artist. Not the best chemistry there.

Returning to topic at hand, I met Nefertem and was draw into a very sweet sibling-like relationship. Not something I had really known. So when Sekhmet said in meditation,”Be more like your brother,” I was floored. I had secretly told myself that for years in comparison to my real brother. I am not ambitious or very successful while the Dr.bro is very much these things. But to hear those words from my goddess, directly referencing Nefertem, was a little surprising. Yet now that I have had time to relax into our relationship and get some thinking in it makes perfect sense.

Nefertem is something to aspire to. He is beauty and healing mixed into a very fierce package. He can hold all things of beauty within himself and express it into the world. As an artist and one that feels called to support awe I know I will be working closely with him. I adore my gods and all of them have their ways to teach me and continue to support my callings.


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