There is a shrine in my office, where all my shrines live, that houses a large variety of names. The particular one I am thinking of focuses on one thing. Creativity. Or more specifically, being creative. The word creative means having the ability or power of creating. This is why I honor so many names in this shrine. There are primordial names, artistic names, technically minded names, there are deeply emotional names, and abstract names. All of these names meet at a point of creating.

Through this shrine I have come to know better some of the names that I had little or no connection with. Through producing art for them and with them I get to see a little more of what they are to me and others. It is a great process to create something in honor of a name and then be told how much the eventual owner adores it. Seeing photographs of shrines with my art in them fills me with joy.

It is beautiful to see the way every individual kemetic worships, their shrine, and what they choose to do in that work. And the part of my work that contributes to it. Art is important to our soul’s health. It boosts our morale and brings us a deeper understanding of all things.


One thought on “Creativity

  1. “Like” isn’t a strong enough word! I too so enjoy seeing the variety in how we Kemetics show our adoration for our Deities via our shrines. Art is SO important! Senebty! —Neheh…


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