Let it live in you

For the first time in a long time I woke up with music in my head. And it filled me up completely. Not really a well known song or one that many people may like but it is authentic. Music lives in us like guests in a hotel, coming and going as it pleases. It is unlike any other form of expression. It is a purely audio sense experience and it touches us in ways that visual art or written words never could.

We are lucky to be able to look to so many gods of Kemet who connect with music. Ra sings creation into being for goodness sake! Hethert and her son Ihy produce and dance to their music. Bast is also associated as a goddess of music. With so many Names connected with music we know it is important in our human experience.

Yet there are people who experience music much differently than we do. The deaf may not listen to music but they feel it in their bodies. They know it in their touch and beat in their skin. They may know secrets about the music that we may never be able to.

Today on the Day of Chewing Onions for Bast, I will eat my onions and let myself fill with music. Let it live in you.


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