To meet the Teacher

Well I have been avoiding the call for about a week now. The little inkling in the back of your head that says, “Someone in the Unseen place wants your attention. Ready to make an appointment?”

No, no I was not. But I ran out of excuses not to. So I sucked it up and went into journey to meet with one of my Gods-who-teaches. Not as big or important as I thought it might have been. Heru-wer is a great teacher and a kind of shaman in his own right. There I was in journey ready to get my butt handed to me that I had been remiss in my work as shaman, healer, and spirit worker. Instead I met with Heru-wer and received a very calm message of, “Well its time to get back to it. Spring is coming and the spirits are waking.”

Not much of a call but nice to hear. The work I am doing now for my gods is very well received and there are plans in the works that they would be happy for me to accomplish. But the time of lazy winter is over. Spring is here and its time to take on some new projects. The idea of becoming a teacher has been crossing my mind, however Heru-wer urged my patience with this thought. Only when both teacher and student are ready will things fall into place. That is fine by me. There is plenty for me to do.


Hoping to begin a new type of volunteer work in an aromatherapy program at a Hospice this spring. The work is very interesting and I am very familiar with end of life programs. It is also a nice tip of the hat to my beloved Nefertem. Learning a new type of healing this way honors him I am sure. All in all, it should be an interesting spring and summer ahead.


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