While I slowly pull away from working so closely with my local CUUPs group (I am not a UU and feel my ‘work here is done,’ As in i can open up my weekends again). I am looking forward to beginning a new journey. As I looked online I found a need for volunteers at a local hospice in the brand new start up program: aromatherapy.

I have been both cautious and intrigued by aromatherapy so I decided to take the chance and contact the volunteer coordinator. We met,hit it off, just got my TB test done and am well on my way to learning more about this holistic practice. Hospice is for those who are dying. My mother has been an administrator of many types of home care and hospices ever since I was tiny. I am well acquainted with them and know what I am getting into with this program.

End of life care is all about comfort. To help make the patient as comfortable as possible as they near their time. It is a noble goal. This particular organization is a non-profit. They have people there all the time and volunteers who will sit with a patient as they pass. As someone who grew up around this type of thing it is hard to imagine a more caring goal for those moving into the transitional period of dying.

I am hoping to provide some comfort with this program that so needs a reliable volunteer to bring the helping power of aroma. Hopefully it does my ka good and does good for others. I have a few ideas for some other projects they might be interested in, but one step at a time.

May Nefertem, Yinepu, and Nebthet guide my steps


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