Sometimes you miss the changes that happen to you. They are so subtle and swift that one day you wake up with this sudden realization of ‘difference.’ Lots of people go through this, it is a part of living. But sometimes we wonder how it happened.

For myself I have noticed a shift to the feminine. I was always a tomboy and disliked anything overly feminine. In time I learned that I was just as much a woman as any even if I preferred more masculine-centered or masculine-typed things. Yet recently I have dipped into the feminine and a lightness that I had kept in balance has swept over me. I surround myself with light and have pulled away from the much needed ‘darkness’ that balances my soul. Which brings me to what I contemplated today. Violence.

I was contemplating violence and how it can nourish your ka (soul) when a familiar presence decided to get in on it. Sekhmet is in no way a fluffy goddess. She is violent. She reminded me that violence is part of our natures as humans. Whether we are physically violent, mentally, or emotionally. It is not an ‘evil’ part of us, but one that has helped to ensure we are at the top of the food chain. Or near enough to the top not to have to worry so much.

Then we began into video games. Sekhmet pointed out that violence can be a form of therapy when put into a safe or constructive outlet. Sports are therapy in this way. Sign an angry kid up for football and suddenly he is too exhausted to be angry. Give a powerless child a video game where he can conquer and rule. Let that sweet flower-child in on a heart pounding shark-eat-’em-up game and watch her inner Jaws appear. Violence is part of us and it needs to be fed or let out to continue our growth.

None knows this lesson better than Sekhmet. So while we hashed out positive violence I thought of how discouraged it is now in society. “Violence is bad.”


Violence is part of us. Our balance. Our wild thing inside. And sometimes it needs a walk, even if it is on a leash.


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