Throughout life we place a lot of expectations out there on other people. No matter if they are a stranger or our own family. We expect quiet a lot from every human we encounter. Such as expecting them to drive in a safe and sane matter. Or to not do criminal acts in public. Or … More Expectations

Honey to the Soul

There has never been a part of my life that did not contain darkness. The junk and drama of human life. The emotional upheaval of the human experience. Over the years of processing through it I have learned ways of dealing with it. And in some way I feel like these ways have been taught … More Honey to the Soul

She Comes

Dua Sekhmet!   Sekhmet Where light does spread like water and color moves like wind, Here the nightly blooming flower stirs, Among the chirping birds and flitting jewels,  Great paws move silently through. With night time stars circling high, The water moves below, And nightly spirits round her tread, Her eyes cast their fierce glow. … More She Comes