Dua Wenut : My March Hare

The past two weeks have been rough. Two weeks ago on Tuesday my husband and I were told to run up to Cleveland to visit his grandma. We got to see her and speak with her and drove home Wednesday. The following Tuesday we were at her funeral. Things go fast.

In between that time I was able to take a minute to celebrate. I set up a small altar to Wenut, the Egyptian rabbit headed goddess. A form of the Eye and also a strong fighter. I decided that since Easter was coming I might bring my own rabbit to the table and give her some attention. Wenut is not a fluffy bunny. She is a fighter of the spear and a primal goddess who is listed as one of Bast’s arrows.

I celebrated her with sugar, chocolate, seeds, and light. While I could not muster up much ceremony for her, I enjoyed spending the time to draw attention to her presence. In the midst of having no energy or heart I was able to find something to celebrate.

Dua Wenut



Associated with the rabbit, snakes, eggs, the Eye, arrows, spear, primordial, and fighting


One thought on “Dua Wenut : My March Hare

  1. My condolences to your family. A million good things to her ka.

    I like the idea of offering seeds…your altar was lovely!


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