She Comes

Dua Sekhmet!



Where light does spread like water and color moves like wind,
Here the nightly blooming flower stirs,
Among the chirping birds and flitting jewels, 
Great paws move silently through.

With night time stars circling high,
The water moves below,
And nightly spirits round her tread,
Her eyes cast their fierce glow.

The sweetest drops of dew on petals,
Is tasted at her ease,
Like medicines to the soul,
She comes to ease our pain.



I got to hang out with and ex-student today. Found out that at one point this past year Sekhmet told her not to hang around me because she would not have been the best influence. As this was the year I was establishing my state shrine and learning more about priesthood I can completely see this. But I got out my divinatory tools and we were able to find out that that can not change. So we will see where is goes. I had thought she might be a potential student so only time will tell. Felt the creative bug lately so I composed a poem for Sekhmet.



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