Honey to the Soul

There has never been a part of my life that did not contain darkness. The junk and drama of human life. The emotional upheaval of the human experience. Over the years of processing through it I have learned ways of dealing with it. And in some way I feel like these ways have been taught to me by not only my family or friends, but by all manner of spiritual beings.

The gods are very present in my life. I never knew how present until I sit here and take a minute to think back on it. They were beside me for as long as I can remember. They taught me how to embrace the darkness in my own way. I am so thankful to have that lesson in my heart and be able to bring that medicine to others.

There have been times where I have taken people’s anger, sorrow, pain and more. And taken that burden into my heart alongside them. Let them expose those to me so that I could better understand and see them. In those moments I try to hold that space for them to feel safe, biding my time and waiting for just that pause. That sometimes breathy or struggling pause. In that moment I make my move, showering them with love and acceptance. Shining on them a light in my heart that Netjer and the spirits had helped to cultivate.

When darkness approaches and bitterness starts in I try to remember. I remember what it feels like to be full of awe and love. To hold that in yourself and shine it out to other people. Even as you have to swallow your own anger or fear or doubt. And maybe to swallow their’s too.

A spirit, a beloved friend, once told me this…

“All you need is one perfect moment. Just one single perfect moment. And that will feed you for a lifetime.” 

With this lesson, this balm, I live with the most perfect moments of my life seeded inside. My deepest hope is that others can do the same.


2 thoughts on “Honey to the Soul

    1. I wouldn’t say its a wealth. We all experience darkness but we can never know someone else’s. So my troubles may pale in comparison to another’s but that is not the point. We just can’t judge each other’s pains. Back to point: your troubles have taught you lessons only you know. Same here.

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