Throughout life we place a lot of expectations out there on other people. No matter if they are a stranger or our own family. We expect quiet a lot from every human we encounter. Such as expecting them to drive in a safe and sane matter. Or to not do criminal acts in public. Or not cut in front of you in line. We like order and society likes it too. So we automatically place these expectations on other people.

One thing that seems to get left out in all those sociology high school classes and lectures on ethics is what expectations are unreasonable. For instance, one obstacle many newly weds face is that their partner is expected to be the only person they will ever need for anything. That this one person will meet all their needs emotionally, mentally, and sexually. Needless to say these fragile bubbles pop easily. Marriage is too sacred to be muddied by unrealistic expectations. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t love and honor your spouse or that its ok to cheat on them when it is most definitely not. Just one of those things you need to really break in your psychology. This thought that if your spouse is not meeting all your needs then something must be wrong. Total bull.

The same can be said of people in religious positions of service. We expect quite a lot from them, including a sacredness that should be seen and felt. That is quite a lot for one person to handle. And again, bull. These are people after all. They can not be divine no matter how much they do. They know this and try to do their best for their communities anyways. They do all this knowing that at some point they will disappoint someone in not being as ‘holy’ as people expect. Yet each day they keep at it.

Let’s really try to look at people as people. Imperfect, doing-their-best people.


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