Wenut — Go Team!

A new lesson is on my horizon and a new teacher come forward to help me. I am blessed to have so many that would come to help me better myself. So I will tell you a little about her and a little fundraiser I am hoping to get her in.



Wenut is not a well known name. She is a goddess from pre-historic Egypt. Her main form was that of a cobra, like many goddesses from that region. But over time she developed new forms and one in particular connects with me. the rabbit. Wenut, also referred to as Wenet and Unut, is a multi-faceted goddess. She is an Eye as well as being very old, a primordial type. Her other aspects include being related to fertility, the blessed dead, the Underworld, and a fighter. As I said, multi-faceted.

painted in acrylic by myself

There also seems to be a bit of a mix up in epithets and names with her. Where there is a goddess Unut who is ‘Lady of the Hours’ and our Unut (Wenut). But I don’t think its too much of a stretch to think the two are related or even the same thing. One could think of Wenut as a goddess of Time as well. One who ensures that the hours pass as they should.

There is still much I am researching about this lady. I hope to share more about her as I can. For now let me tell you about this fundraiser we are holding for the House of Netjer.


You can find all the information at HelpingTawy.com. The gist is that you can vote for any kemetic (egyptian) god by donating to the House. It can be as little as $1 or more if you feel inspired. One donation-vote per day. Prizes are created custom songs of the top 3 places. These songs will be featured on an album and the album cover art will feature the first place winner! I am waving my Team Wenut flag, I hope everyone enjoys the contest.

#TeamWenut  #PraisesofNetjer


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