Lessons from the Hare-Headed Goddess

I knew having another teacher would mean learning some new things. I had no idea how much it would kick my butt. Learning from such an old god is a blessing. But man, does she not hold anything back.

As I work with Wenut I am beginning to have my old wounds exposed. They are being cleaned and the gunk stuck in them is being brought out. As a human I tend to react very human-like to all types of situations. Today marks my 4th year of marriage to my husband. It is also a reminder that a month before my wedding I was told my mom and step-dad were separating. A divorce was inevitable. The most stable family unit I had for 10 years was being broken. I never knew how to react but eventually it did sink in and it was too hurtful to thin about.

Then comes Wenut.

In a matter of days she forces me to face my rage (Fierce Compassion) through making me face my powerlessness when it comes to animal cruelty. Then she forces me to look back on this emotional wounding. And will not let me move past it until I confronted everything. Sekhmet was in favor and together they were there as I called my now ex step-dad. I talked, slowly with much pausing, about how I was still mourning and hurt. How his whirlwind wedding (remarried) had confused and hurt me. That he had also been keeping his distance so that I could have my space to process. And that was it. No anger or drama. He had been waiting and knew I would be able to work through it.

Now I am still feeling hurt and sadness, but the grieving of it is beginning to look up. Hopefully things will start being better. I know I still have much to learn and I am sure this Eye goddess will help me tend to things.



Images I have done for Wenut



The painting I am keeping for her space.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from the Hare-Headed Goddess

  1. “In a matter of days she forces me to face my rage (Fierce Compassion) through making me face my powerlessness when it comes to animal cruelty.”

    I’m really intrigued by this sentence. Working with Bast for the past year has really made me feel almost hyper-aware of the horrors so many animals experience in this world, and especially at the hands of humans. Sometimes, most times really, the knowledge feels almost unbearable. I know your post wasn’t really on this topic, but I’d love to know more about how Wenut helped you face this painful topic.


    1. You see the stories on facebook everyday. How someone rescued a dog from an abusive owner or how a man saved a cat from getting hit by a care. For me, I saw a story about two kittens, maybe two months old each, that were used as bait for dog fighting. And it broke me. I cried and held my cats close. And I wanted to kill. I wanted to hunt down the monsters and break them. But I couldn’t. Because I was safe at home, looking at this story that had no address from the Midwest. And there was no way to hunt and fulfill my rage without ruining my life.
      So Wenut had me breath and close my eyes. I surrendered the rage. I thought of the energy of that fierceness and thought of it as a shield. To protect my sensitive heart. Then I cried. I felt such sadness and just poured that out. Poured until there was no more. I was still angry and upset at people, but the need to punish was gone.

      If you can’t give money, volunteer. If you can’t give time, give money. If you can’t give either, then hope.

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