Vacation on the Horizon

It is fun to watch when your actual life lines up with your spiritual practices. The holiday known as the Purification of Sekhmet was this past weekend. I celebrated with really simple offering and wrapped a clean blue ribbon around my healing statue of Sekhmet. And this coming week I make my own journey down south to have a time of purification. Vacation.

During vacation I soak in my summer’s worth of sun and spend a portion of our 10 days in the ocean. There is nothing more cleansing than the sea and the sun. The added join of honoring this clearing alongside Sekhmet is great.

While on vacation I also get to see so many animals I feel connect to Netjer. Such as alligators (Sobek-Ra) and ibis (Djehuty). There is plenty of opportunity to finish books I have been wanting to read or research topics of interest. Or just catch up on some sketching and games.

One of my new favorite things to do that I was able to last year is stargazing. The beach is such a wonderful place to look out into the blackness and look at the stars. I was able to see a satellite, shooting star, and the full moon last year. It was a fun and peaceful experience. The trip gave me some time to read up on star magick too, so I have some great techniques for that now.

With this being a family trip with my in-law’s, not much magick or ritual will be had. But it will still be what I need. A time to sleep, soak, and learn.


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