Returning from Away

My time at the beach was wonderful. So much water and light restored me to peak cleansed levels. While there I did dream and some interesting things came up. The most notable was a dream in which a native american man was tending to me by performing some sort of ceremony to give me deeper sleep. In my dream I came out of this and found a book and card divination set in the area he had done ceremony. While I could not recognize the writing on the cover of said book I remembered the cover images. When I woke up I looked on my amazon wishlist and there is was. A book on northern tradition shamanism. As that is in my blood and relatively inexpensive on Kindle, I grabbed it. So far its been interesting. Nothing I do personally, but another perspective in a shamanic practice.

Another fun update… the last day of the Praises of Netjer Contest 2016 is tomorrow!! May 31st. Team Wenut could really use the help!!!



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