A little personal reflection

It is hard to put into words exactly how you feel after facing the worst in something. Whether that is facing the worst in a person you love or a family you’ve made. Seeing the cracked, broken, or bitter places inside something seems to leave a mark in you. There is a piece of you that bends a little under the weight of the grief of the image you had held of them. But there is also a lesson to be learned.

All people have flaws. We are imperfect, broken beasts. There are pieces inside us that break from any little thing. A harsh word or a mean look. There is also great brightness in us too. It shines out when we are at our very best and sometimes when we are at our worst. Everyone is different and their own colors shine through too.

Challenge yourself to see people for what they are. Flawed. There is a beauty to imperfection. A knowing. We shouldn’t expect people to be more than they are and there is wisdom in that too.



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