Wenut : The Fighter

She raises her lance and in the chapel of Naunet defends. She is a fighter and punishes the arrogant son. She steps forward to protect the women and bring forth new life. Come Wenut, the Eye. Destroyer and creator. Fighter and birth giver.


You guessed it, another Wenut post. I have been reading more about her from whatever source I could find. And I am beginning to see the side of her that is unique to me. The Fighter. Not only that but the Defender. Here is a little about what I have been digging up.

One of the myths that strikes me deeply is the myth of the Distant Goddess. One variant of the myth is local to Wenut’s nome. In this myth Geb (or sometimes Set) forces himself on a goddess (sometimes two) that are a version of Wenut. The goddess then runs away. In this variation she runs and hides with Naunet. Well Wenut shows up and is the ‘wrathful’ side of this goddess. She exacts fair punishment on Geb with her spear and the Distant Goddess can then be enticed to return.

This version of the myth was hard to keep up with. But what I began to realize was that the reason the Wenut I saw held her spear was because she is the Fighter. A Defender of women and the oppressed. The one who rises up with righteous anger to enact fair punishment. And that was my insight into this wonderful goddess. She is very old, mostly quiet, but when an attack is made she rises up to bring fairness.


Complete with fun Wenut imagery that demanded being drawn. (Warning: partially nude)





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